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Experience the Ease of Full Marketplace Managed Services

Our Managed Services Model offers a holistic approach to marketplace management inclusive of brand protection, content optimization, inventory planning, and strategic advertising. We take care of all things related to promotional strategy and brand affinity while you focus on growth and direct sales through online retailers or direct to valued consumers.

This model is ideal for brands with their own seller account or those selling directly to Walmart.

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Strategic Advertising

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Content Optimization

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Inventory Planning

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Brand Protection


Craft your Marketplace Management Service Model

With our full-service options, we tailor the right solutions for your brand. Rest assured that you'll be equipped with the essential tools to empower your brand’s online growth.


Full-Service Management

Blue Wheel provides comprehensive solutions and top-notch marketplace management to elevate your eCommerce efforts.


Catalog Management

A well-organized and optimized product catalog is crucial for improving your customer experience and boosting sales.


Inventory and Fulfillment

We take care of the back-end operations and keep your customers happy with our inventory and fulfillment services.


Marketplace Advertising

We build and execute your marketing strategy to increase your brand’s visibility, drive traffic to your product listings, and maximize your ROI.


Reporting and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with ease. Get a clear picture of your business's performance with our reporting and analytics tool.


Brand Protection

Keep your brand safe from counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers with our brand protection services.


Ready to Expand Your Brand on Walmart Marketplace?

Empower your brand's marketplace growth and reach out to connect with a member of our team to get started.